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To discuss how our team can help your business achieve results,

  • Bulk buyout firms seeking an alternative source to sell off aging or slow-moving inventory assets

Business Performance Optimized

  • Proactive leaders seeking alternative channels to liquidate inventory assets without executing a comprehensive Going-Out-of-Business marketing platform
  • Business owners striving to test new markets or products while curbing long-term financial commitments
  • ​Financial Institutions ​seeking higher recovery rates on repossessed collateralized inventory assets

"Pop-Up" Retail & Liquidation

  • Fiduciaries, Turnaround, and Professional Service Firms involved in the wind-up or dissolution of an inventory-driven business that requires the monetization of remaining inventory assets

For clients facing unique inventory monetization challenges or for those seeking alternative strategies to test new markets or products, Fortis Business Advisors executes temporary, but highly cost-effective "Pop-Up" retail stores.  An evolution in the retail vertical, "Pop-Up" retail stores quickly and effectively engage customers by driving a sense of urgency from planned spontaneity.  Due to their strong contrast from conventional retail growth models, "Pop-Up" stores are particularly effective in the disposition of inventory assets.

It is not uncommon for financial institutions or firms involved in inventory-driven businesses to be unexpectedly faced with the need to monetize inventory assets due to collateral repossession or the winding-up of a business.  While a bulk buyout or auction of the inventory will satisfy short-term monetization goals, the results are not always the most lucrative.  The execution of "Pop-Up" retail stores presents a unique opportunity for clients to monetize inventory assets for higher than expected returns. 

Clients who benefit from a "Pop-Up" store strategy include: