Ben is the President of Fortis Business Advisors, a business advisory firm specializing in helping small businesses achieve optimal performance or exit the market for the highest possible return. With extensive experience in startups, turnarounds, "dark" business operations and "Pop-Up" concept execution, Ben crafts unique strategies to address performance decline, distress, concept divestiture, and asset monetization. He also collaborates with intermediaries and business owners in the execution of value maximization strategies prior to a merger or acquisition.

Ben has represented small businesses and financial institutions through several diverse verticals including retail, hospitality and food service, medical conferencing and data management, and professional services. He has also been a key stakeholder and launched startups in publishing and marketing, business planning and consulting, and the gourmet food industry in New York City.

Ben holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor's Degree in History and is a member of the Turnaround Management Association and the Commercial Finance Association. He is the editor and publisher of The Fortis Advisor, and his insights have been published in the Journal of Corporate Renewal, ABL Advisor, The Secured Lender, Coleman Report and Retail Dive.

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Ben T. Nicholson



"​​Only through objective analysis and careful evaluation of a client's business can a foundation of mutual confidence be built that yields a substantial return on investment from professional services.  By direct measurement of cost and effectiveness, our business is built upon satisfied clients who have benefited from the value our services add."

- Ben T. Nicholson

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