• Develops facts that supervisory personnel can use to improve their performance
  • Establishes a predetermined profit as a first item of expense
  • Used as a tool to keep expenses at a minimum in order for prices to be competitive
  • Helps management control all expenses, at all levels of sales activity, to ensure a predetermined profit

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Business Engineering for Optimized Profit

  • Enables management to forecast and plan objectives for the month and the fiscal period



  • Is used as a basis for incentives without increased costs

Business Performance Optimized

  • Identifies a Break Even point so that profits become the main objective
  • Coordinates and concentrates effort on those areas where losses are proven
  • Helps management fortify itself with adequate cost and historical records

Ordinarily, the very last item to appear on the operating statement is net profit, effectively regarding profit as a matter of residual retention.  However, when a firm is engineered to generate profit in a controlled cost structure, profit becomes a measurable outcome from the operation rather than something that is left over after all other expenses have been paid; the business becomes a profitable investment instead of a job purchased by the managing members.

Because sales and good fortune alone will not perpetuate a business, only through sufficient and continuous profit can perpetuity be realized.  The installation of an engineered profit plan can be the catalyst towards continuous and greater profit achievement and the emergence out of the oblivion of business failure.  Some of the many benefits having a Business Engineered for Optimized Profit are: