• Reduces material handling costs and increases profit
  • Makes more floor space available to locate items in a neat and orderly manner
  • Reduces the cost of calculating actual inventory
  • Reduces handling costs in merchandising operations
  • Reduces worker hour requirements

Efficient Materials Handling

Almost every type of manufacturer, jobber, wholesaler, retailer, and distribution company is confronted with the challenges of moving goods from one point to another.  When addressing the challenges, the best possible approach is to understand at the outset that material handling is a nonproductive process that absorbs time and money.  Every instance of picking an item up and laying it down costs the company money, which can increase if the activity is done inefficiently.  Viewed from this perspective, it is easier to appreciate that every movement that can be eliminated, with its attendant costs, with substantially increase the profit dollar. 

Materials handling challenges can usually be grouped as (1) the handling of materials in bulk; (2) movement between departments when the sequence is always the same; (3) movement between departments when the sequence varies; (4) movement through an assembly department; (5) movement within a department.  Implementing an Efficient Materials Handing process to address the challenges will have outcomes that include:

Business Performance Optimized

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  • Facilitates production planning and scheduling, ensuring that delivery dates are met
  • Reduces time spent in locating and transporting



  • Reduces idle time of equipment and productive workers