​Evan Rizzo

Managing Director - Advisory Services Division



"​​Our expertise and credibility is grounded in our own exposure to the spectrum of challenges our clients face which leads to solidarity in effectuating positive change."

- Evan Rizzo




Evan is the Managing Director of Fortis Business Advisors, a business advisory firm specializing in helping small businesses achieve optimal performance or exit the market for the highest possible return. Based in Charlotte, NC, Evan leads the Advisory Services division where he advises clients in the execution of strategic sales and marketing programs and operational performance improvements and effectively manages crisis situations with expertise in leading distressed companies through recovery, mergers, and acquisitions.      

An award-winning creative director, Evan has designed and owned over 40 businesses spanning a 30-year career, including a high-tech, digital communications consortium recognized as one of the top 100 graphics companies in the US, and the nations largest network of European motorcycle dealerships.  He has created branding initiatives for national rollouts of universally recognized firms, and his unique combination of business experience and design skills has helped generate over 1.5 billion dollars in additional revenue and millions of dollars in increased profitability.  He has trained thousands of peers in both the marketing and management consulting industries and owned the southeastern regions first graphics service bureau franchise, which ultimately became the largest service bureau organization in the nation.

Considered a top corporate field trainer and national sales director for the world's largest full-service small to medium-sized business development firm, Evan has analyzed operational and marketing functions for hundreds of businesses throughout the US.  In leading turnarounds, his unique approach focuses on strategic marketing and branding strategies coupled with sales development systems, unified corporate strategy, operations optimization, technology utilization, and debt restructuring.

Evan holds Degrees in Visual Communications and Marketing.

For more information on Evan’s background, check out his LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn - Evan Rizzo

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