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In situations where the monetization of inventory assets becomes imperative, we will take your institution beyond being made financially whole, and do it for the highest return and at the lowest cost achievable.  Our store-level experienced consulting team brings the unmatched expertise that is required to get a retail business fully operational and execute a marketing program to turn unwanted assets into quick cash.  Combined with modern, high-impact marketing methods, we provide the day-to-day operational support specifically tailored to the individual situation and focused on addressing the challenges our clients face. 

From the moment you enter an engagement with us, our primary focus becomes getting your operation set up to monetize surplus inventory and assets, and we remain hands-on throughout the duration of the event.  Because our clients typically maintain ownership of the assets during the process, we are able to generate the highest possible returns.  We are merchants, marketers, day-to-day operators and financial experts focused on meeting the goals of our clients. 

Business Performance Optimized

  • Parkside Gallery - 100.5% Return

Fortis Business Advisors and its affiliated companies have participated in successful Store Closing sales and the disposition of inventory assets representing the orderly sale of millions of dollars in merchandise.

Our clients and partners include institutions and business owners for whom we have achieved average Sales-to-Inventory Return Rates from 85% to 107% of the inventory cost dollar.  Successful results are exemplified by our client history, some of which includes: 

Inventory Disposition & Store Closing Sales 


  • Cathy's Hallmark - 85.66% Return