• Reduces paperwork through simplification of office systems

The office is responsible for many activities in a business, the most important of which include the quick and smooth procedure of order processing, on-time invoicing, on-time collection, and payment of accounts payable.  When office procedures are simplified and workflow provides for effective communication between the office, warehouse and delivery dock, the office operates efficiently and the work can be completed with less staff.

The Office Procedure program breaks down each office position into its desk responsibilities, thereby showing each individual how and when to perform designated tasks in a more efficient, timely and effective manner.  Outcomes from the implementation of an Office Procedure program are:

  • Provides office work measurement and simplification
  • Provides a credit and collection policy and procedure that improves cash flow, reduces bad debt and increases profit

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  • Provides an orderly system of controlling correspondence and backorders to eliminate clerical errors and improve customer relations

Office Procedure

  • Provides guidelines that result in the elimination of errors and increases productivity
  • Establishes methods for forecasting future facility planning and growth

Business Performance Optimized



  • Reduces the total number of forms to the minimum to operate the business