Business Performance Optimized



  • Enables management to know the expenses to be able to control them
  • Pinpoints those departments or units contributing little to no profit
  • Permits goods in process and inventories to be valued correctly

Optimal Expense Controls

The need for reducing substantial waste is prevalent in many businesses.  ​Waste is often hidden due to the absence of accurate cost finding and the lack of a basis for ascertaining whether costs are excessive, and with no tools for keeping expenses under constant observation, there may not be an adequate means of controlling expenses.

​Even in cycles when income overwhelmingly exceeds expenses, a system of cost control is vital.  Many businesses know how to make viable products, but management may not know the expense structure that will lead to manageable growth and selling the products profitably.  These challenges are especially inherent in food and hospitality businesses, manufacturing businesses, and where multiple contributing departments comprise a business.  After a thorough examination of necessary working capital, product pricing, equipment and personnel, outcomes of the effective implementation of an Optimal Expense Controls program are:

  • Provides management with control over income and expense in the operation of the business
  • Provides management with up-to-date information for analysis

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  • Guides management in running the business profitably
  • Enables management to establish selling prices based on both expense and competition