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  • Provides a structured organization tailor-made to fit the particular situation based on sound management principles




Optimal Organization

  • Provides position descriptions for key management
  • Results in proper delegation of authority commensurate with responsibility placed on personnel
  • Provides a logical basis and performance standards for periodically evaluating employees
  • Develops the training expertise of each manager in order to effectively train personnel
  • Encourages creative thinking in areas of motivation, program planning and training
  • Increases profit by using the organization to implement and control plans

For those businesses interested in improving the individual and group performance of its employees and unification towards a common goal, it is imperative to get to the heart of organizational challenges.  To do so effectively, the functions required to enable the business to operate efficiently must be defined, responsibility to those functions must be identified and assigned, the relationship and control of the functions from the management of the organization must be organized and understood, and the personnel to fill positions to carry out the functions must be developed.  

Because personnel becomes impervious to the day-to-day workings of a business, positive change can be effectuated when a new set of eyes examines the business and operational challenges that often go unnoticed quickly surface. Some of the results of the Optimal Organization program are:

  • Results in capable and more satisfied employees who report to one manager