• Enables management to establish a better and constant profit for the employment of labor
  • Establishes the most suitable form of compensation for each position level

Business Performance Optimized

  • Gives supervisory personnel and management a true guide for evaluation

It is imperative that a business retain its best personnel.  Few businesses are aware of the expense of ineffective personnel supervision because the costs associated with replacing personnel and the dissatisfaction of customers affected by personnel changes generally goes unmeasured.  ​To absorb these costs at a reasonable level, the job of an administrator is to effectuate growth through people while making the company a desirable place to work.  However, as a business grows it often becomes increasingly more difficult for management to maintain close personal relationships with employees who may over time begin to feel a sense of insecurity.  

​Through a comprehensive assessment of every job assignment matched with every job requirement, a range of action can be established organized around each responsibility that leads to a value being fixed on each responsibility relative to the importance of the responsibility attached to each job.  This is effectuated through a Personnel Assessment & Compensation program, results of which are:

  • Determines essential qualifications needed for each executive and personnel job

Personnel Assessment & Compensation

  • Enables management to measure more accurately for expansion or retraction
  • Defines duties and responsibilities of executive and personnel jobs

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  • Enables management to build sound staff relations



  • Increases the proficiency of executives and personnel