• Helps maintain maximum profit by increasing sales

Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers at times encounter declining sales or sluggish inventory due to changing consumer tastes, trends, needs and habits.  These changes can often lead to excess inventory that can be detected when the ratio of inventory to working capital is out of line or inventory turnover to sales is low.  If discovered early, corrective measures can be taken before cash flow is strained.

By incorporating the mechanics of analyzing past and present sales data and methods to determine what customers, consumers or sales outlets desire, an effective plan will reveal comparative values of competitive sources and activities.  This can be effectuated through a Product Sales & Distribution Optimization strategy which:

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  • Saves unnecessary expenses by utilizing product and market analysis that gives true direction for obtaining the maximum objective
  • Pinpoints problems of sales distribution




Product Sales & Distribution Optimization

  • Saves time and money by eliminating trial and error methods
  • Avoids expenses of advertising directed at the wrong objective
  • Provides an accurate analysis of products and markets to ensure profits for the present and future
  • Allows a more accurate forecast of sales leading to more accurate buying
  • Gives management more time for planning by creating more effective planning for short and long-term stability of profits

Business Performance Optimized