• Gives management accurate knowledge of capacity that helps to establish long-range selling activities

Production Planning

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  • Reduces costs by increasing capacity without increasing manpower, or maintaining capacity with reduced manpower or equipment
  • Ensures delivery dates are met

Production control influences every factor of a manufacturing business, including labor, material, equipment, and product.   Oftentimes when a firm begins to think it has a major sales problem, the challenge actually lies in the unmeasured or inaccurately measured cost of production.

Through a thorough analysis of procedural processes in material and finished goods inventories handling, plant facility capacity, labor production standard rates, and overproduction prevention procedures, an effective program can be developed that elevates the efficiency of any manufacturer or general assembly line, no matter the size or complexity.  Outcomes from the implementation of a Production Planning program are:

  • Helps formulate and substantiate plans for expansion
  • Reduces inventory investments through effective planning and scheduling
  • Pinpoints bottlenecks and reduces waste