• Delivers brand promise at all of the touchpoints where the customer comes in contact with the brand, both online and off



  • Tracks the impact of the brand with tools to measure and sustain the image

Strategic Branding & Corporate Imaging

Almost every type of business faces challenges with brand messaging and how the market responds to the overall corporate image of the firm.  The current strategy may be ineffective and unrecognizable in a saturated marketplace.  A negative impact may have occurred that damaged the brand image.  Market share is dissolving and the firm requires a redesigned strategy to remain relevant.  Mergers and acquisitions has created an overlap with brand portfolios.  Product verticals with different target audiences have distorted the overall image of the firm and disrupted strategic core competencies.

To help manage complexity, proven techniques, both qualitative and quantitative, combined with deep experience create lucid brand architecture and a distinctive corporate image.  Results achieved from an effective Strategic Branding & Corporate Imaging program are:

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  • Makes brands relevant by defining the experiences and benefits that make the brand distinctive and credible to customers
  • Develops strategies to meet customer's need through differentiation and premium positioning
  • Optimizes architectures and portfolios to address complex and multi-layered vertical challenges
  • Merges layers into a consolidated brand to streamline overlaps and costs
  • Develops effective brand strategies to address evolving challenges in the omnichannel/multi-channel environment
  • Builds capabilities that lead to brand ownership and positive association

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