Technology-Based Publishing Company 


Located near Boston, MA is a technology-based publishing company providing cutting-edge technology content to a Millennial-based readership. Over the course of the 18-months since its inception, the company hemorrhaged cash due to unplanned and extraordinarily high operating expenses. As financial, operational and management constraints began to surface, ownership became unable to provide the working capital required to operate the business, and the sales team lacked the necessary resources to help grow the business and scale the costs to operate at maximum capacity. 

Fortis Business Advisors was engaged to implement its highly effective 4-step turnaround strategy to arrest the downward trajectory and help ownership regain control over the business. Due to the amount of capital at stake, the owners understood that cooperation was key in performing the steps necessary to not only improve the business but also to implement long-term strategies to ensure controlled growth, optimized performance and ongoing success.

  • Phase 2: STABILIZE

    Acceptable terms were renegotiated with both lenders and vendors with payables scheduled and budgeted, and a new printing strategy was put in place that slashed print and production costs by 54%. A new management structure enabled leadership to regain operational control.
  • Phase I: ANALYZE

    An objective and comprehensive diagnostic review of the business’s organization, operations, financials, marketing, and assets was performed including identification of comparative metrics and trends representing the highest cost impacts on the business. It quickly became apparent that the company was being mismanaged by inexperienced management and staff.

Business Performance Optimized

  • Phase 4: MAXIMIZE

    Revenue doubled in 16 months. To ensure long-term growth, effective sales and marketing functions were developed with defined sales procedures, new sales staff was added that efficiently scaled with the additional cash flow, marketing, and advertising budgets were expanded, and cost control tools were developed for long-term prevention of future distress. 
  • Phase 3: OPTIMIZE

    Within 90 days, as cash flow turned positive the company became self-sustaining for the first time since it opened for business. Budgets were developed to pare down the high cost of goods, optimize expense categories and manage profitability. A modernized workflow structure improved productivity by 27%.