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Turnaround & Provisional Management




Operational Analysis and Improvement - Performance enhancements in the operations of small-scale enterprises can have systemic effects that can change the entire makeup of an organization.  Decisions must be closely calculated and potential impact exhaustively reviewed to ensure that adjustments enhance scalability and foster growth.  Our operational improvement experience spans a diverse range of industries and covers challenges that include optimizing inventory turnover rates, engineering a business for profitability, operating a business from break even, and isolating cost verticals to enhance profitability.   

Provisional Management - The executives at Fortis Business Advisors have the depth of experience in small-scale enterprise startup and ownership that gives us the unique ability to assume executive management roles with limited resources.  Our seasoned executives possess a keen sense of urgency and will work with ownership to build a strong and focused turnaround team, or when management has been dissolved, organize a team to maintain and sustain transformative operations.

Inventory and Asset Monetization - When an inventory-driven firm is in distress, it is not uncommon to discover that cash is tied up in excessive levels of slow moving or overstocked inventory.  Our executives posses the unique skills required in implementing short-term promotional programs to sell off unwanted inventory and quickly drive cash flow, or when the firm crosses the liquidation trigger, we will monetize the inventory assets at the highest return rates achievable.

Cash Flow and Budget Management - ​When faced with cash flow constraints, an organization has little time and fewer options to effectively emerge from a distress or workout situation.  We understand that cash management and budgeting serve as the basis for successful operational and financial restructuring, and we develop the tools that serve as the foundation towards fundamental improvement.

Enhanced Revenue - Organizing an operation for strategic scalability is imperative, but revenue growth is a crucial element of a firm's success.  Our team of marketers has extensive experience in developing and executing sales and marketing programs that can lead to substantial increases in volume.  We apply deep knowledge and experience in developing effective corporate imaging and branding, product development and roll-out, and new market and sales channel penetration. 

Business Performance Optimized

For small-scale enterprise firms in distress due to mismanagement or lack of profitability and strategic direction, Fortis Business Advisors provides interim leadership and effectuates positive change through the implementation of comprehensive and sustainable turnaround plans.  No matter how constrained the cash flow or timeline may be, we stabilize the business quickly with immediate action plans then build on the stabilization efforts to craft longer-term strategies that lead to lasting change.

We work with firms where management and ownership have been dissolved and the business is ongoing, or we work alongside management in building a consensus that allows a turnaround plan to take hold.  Through effective communication of goals, actions, and timelines, we chart a new direction for the organization.