For manufacturers, fabricators, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers who warehouse raw or finished goods, a lack of warehousing methods and controls present a greater unmeasured concern to businesses profitability than virtually any other cost sector.   For many firms, warehousing costs have increased across multiple expense categories and are constantly mounting.  When these costs are combined with the use of outdated equipment that ineffectively controls the warehousing activity, the outcomes can be detrimental to the firm.

To remain competitive, businesses must adapt to more economical patterns for receiving, storing and moving material or goods, order picking and shipping.  An effective measure to achieve maximum warehousing efficiency is the installation of a Warehousing Methods & Control program that:

  • Makes better control of products or merchandise possible for filling requests for customers
  • Improves delivery time and procedure
  • Reduces costs of operations and increases profit

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Warehousing Methods & Control