Our goal is to match the right buyer for the products being sold to meet our partner’s goals through a seamless and efficient process.

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  • Halloween Merchandise Overstock - An online retailer of holiday merchandise looked to Fortis Business Advisors to help find a buyer for over 26,000 units of adult and children's Halloween costumes and accessories.  In an effort to streamline operations, the retailer was in the process of closing a warehouse in the western region of the country to consolidate sellable inventory into one primary eastern region location.  The merchandise left over after the consolidation included a full range of styles and sizes that the client wanted to be sold in one transaction and in an expedited time frame to prevent additional expenses.  Fortis facilitated accomplishing the client's objectives in finding a buyer to purchase the goods at a satisfactory and marketable price, and timely enough to meet the client's goal of exiting the warehouse.

  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Surf Wear / Rash Guard Merchandise Repossession - ​A bank had taken repossession of nearly 6,000 units of rash guard inventory from a distressed borrower and looked to Fortis Business Advisors to help with recovery.  The inventory included a mix of men's, women's and children's styles in all sizes and colors, and was located in a warehouse in a remote location that the bank leased.  Through its network, Fortis was able to identify a buyer interested in the merchandise at a price suitable to meet the bank's goals, and when logistics subsequently presented a challenge, Fortis was able to step in and organize the transport of the inventory to the new owner's warehouse. 

The monetization of excess consumer goods through a wholesale purchase translates into immediate capital.  For firms dealing with small-scale inventory overstocks, closeouts, reverse logistics or asset repossessions, Fortis Business Advisors maintains a network of secondary market buyers prepared to take instantaneous possession of the inventory and assets.  We act as a broker and consultant in working directly with our clients to sell through lots of goods for the highest possible return, while at the same time maintaining and protecting brand image.  We provide these services to:

  • Turnaround Professionals


  • Fiduciaries

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Wholesale & Bulk Inventory Solutions

Fortis Business Advisors has facilitated the purchase of hundreds of thousands of dollars of small-scale inventory lots for our clients.  Successful results are exemplified by our transactions, the most recent of which include: