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In order to overcome challenges, you have to know what they are and what their effect could be. Equally important is seeing them coming before their impact is felt.

Our Business and Operational Due Diligence assessment is a comprehensive and rigorous top-to-bottom program that identifies the various challenges a small business is encountering. This helps us collaborate and develop strategies to set the business on a successful path.


The assessment often includes the development of a 13-week cash flow forecast that enables management to understand near-term challenges better. This forecast can roll into monthly and annual financial projections. In addition, an analysis of the business's profit and loss, working capital management, operating metrics, and inventory and asset optimization is performed.

This entire assessment is typically performed in a week to 10 days. It culminates into a detailed presentation of the operational, financial, and managerial challenges the business is facing, along with recommendations highlighting the growth and economic opportunities to improve liquidity, operations, and profitability.

Focal Points

Revenue Sourcing and Analysis

Financial and Performance Analysis

Quality of Earnings analysis

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Operations Efficiency

Margin Compression Analysis

13-Week Cash Flow

Working Capital Requirements

Inventory & Asset Performance

Purchasing & Vendor Relationships

Management and Labor

How We Help
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Business & Operational Due Diligence

Assessing and understanding small business challenges along the path to sustainable success.

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