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The Fortis Business Analysis and 13-week initiatives program analyzes the "current state" of a small business and provides custom solutions that will chart a course towards improving cash flow and operations, and achieving maximum profitability. Utilizing a targeted 3-phase approach, Foresight - Forecast - Fortress, by identifying underperforming areas of the business that can be improved and where liquidity can be unlocked, tangible solutions can be developed to help solve current and future challenges.


Sales and Business Development with Marketing Performance Measures   

Operations and Process Control Management

Financials, Control Systems and Key Performance Indicator Measurement


Working Capital Requirements and Solutions

Break-even Utilization and Engineering

Strategic Product and Revenue Analysis with Optimal Inventory and Asset Turnover and Balanced Inventory Planning

Current and Accelerated A/R, A/P and Inventory Strategies      with Prioritization and Cash Conversion Efficiency

Organizational Health and Productivity Engineering with          Critical Staffing Assessment

Profit and Process Engineering with Profit Inhibitor Analysis

"Top-Down/Bottom-Up" Stress Testing with Margin and Expense Compression Testing

13-week Cash Flow Development, Cash Flow Management, and Sustainability of Cash Position in Best Case/Worst Case Scenarios

Capital Structure and Leverage Analysis 

Borrowing Base Development and Projection with Alternative Cash Sourcing

Scalability and Marketplace Viability

Risk Management and Threats to Business Continuity



For small businesses transitioning through a low point in a business lifecycle, are in workout or special assets with their current lender, or are seeking alternative lending solutions, results from the analysis and 13-week initiatives will achieve a more granular view of the condition of the business. This deep insight will assist in satisfying strategy planning for current or new lenders, create milestones to be achieved, help a business owner better understand the business and necessary focal points, and create a point from which a small business owner can pivot to a more positive and robust future.

Execution of a Fortis Business Analysis and 13-week Initiatives program will lead to a granular understanding of the business leading to a more efficiently run and management controlled business mitigating the chances of future distress and yielding a more valuable and turn-key operation. Our focus is on producing measurable and sustainable results.


Business & Viability Analysis

HVAC & Industrial Services

A comprehensive Business & Viability Analysis can give business owners and lenders insight into the performance and health of a business, corrective change measures, and the predictive impact from the changes.

Business & Viability Analysis

Manufacturing & Distribution: LED Lighting

A comprehensive business and viability analysis will pinpoint where losses are being incurred and where opportunities exist that will lead to a successful turnaround and ongoing optimal performance.

Business & Viability Analysis

Restaurant & Catering: Gusto Italian Restaurant

A pre-transaction analysis with a funding or turnaround plan for healthy or distressed businesses will help unlock value and ensure that both parties are arriving at an agreeable price for the business.