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Small business owners are masters of their crafts, but when it comes to crafting a message that is attractive to outside investment, it may be prudent to rely on a third party. This can also be effective if a business is in distress and a lender demands a forward-thinking strategy for a workout plan.

Our professionals have the proven ability to evaluate the strategic, operational, financial, and managerial functions that are crucial to a company's success, and either craft a new plan, endorse a current plan or identify risks and opportunities that will lead to potential modifications.


Because we are business owners, we approach a plan from a hands-on, operational perspective, and in the process, we evaluate the key drivers for the business, competitive advantages, risks, and opportunities. As we dig deeper, we may also identify short-term improvement initiatives, such as monetizing and optimizing assets or enhancing cash needs that will modify the capital structure to the benefit of the business.

Our goal is to outline a path forward that is realistic and both attractive to other interested constituents as well as a roadmap that can be monitored as the business moves through transition.

Focal Points

3-statement Modeling

Financial Impact Analysis

Working Capital Analysis

Amortization Schedules

13-Week Cash Flow

Sales & Marketing Strategy


Valuation and Price Analysis

Plan Implementation Capability

Debt Refinance packaging

Inventory & Asset Performance

How We Help

Business Plan Development & Validation

Bringing concepts to reality.

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