Access to cash is the lifeblood of a small business. When managed prudently, it leads to options - options on starting a business, options on where to invest for growth or options on ensuring survival during troughs in the business lifecycle.

Different types of lending opportunities are available in the marketplace, each serving a different purpose in helping borrowers. Determining the right lending option and capital structure, along with a business plan tailor-made to secure the lending facility, can make all of the difference.


Diagnostic Business Analysis

Strategic and Comprehensive Business Planning and 

Modeling for New Lender and Credit Facility


Profit and Process Engineering

Asset Efficiency and Turnover Analysis

Working Capital Analysis, Usage and Projections

Optimal Capital Structure Development with Amortization Scheduling

Borrowing Base Development and Projection

Identification of Optimal Working Capital Lending Facility: 

Invoice Factoring, Receivables Finance, Inventory Finance, Equipment Finance, Real Estate Finance

Identification of Optimal Business Banking, Cash Flow or SBA Facility

Assistance in lender transitioning and meeting new lender              requirements

New Lender/Investor Cultivation and Presentation to Ensure the Optimal Capital Structure and Loan Closing


Plan Implementation with Timely Updates and Strategic Enhancements

Represent Small Businesses Directly or through Assistance with Lenders and Advisors 


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It is not uncommon for small business owners who are masters at their craft to get stalled when it comes to understanding the dynamics of working with financial institutions and ensuring that what is being presented to raise capital is attractive to lenders or investors. Moreover, having an understanding of lender and investor expectations during a presentation can present a learning curve that can delay raising capital and take away from running the business.


With Fortis Business Advisors we leverage our relationships with financial institutions and investors to ensure that our clients get in front of the best investors for their business, present business and funding plans with capital structures that are effective for the business, ensure that the business itself, and the business and funding plan present a clear path to closing, and present the package alongside our clients. However we are called to assist, be it moving a credit from one bank to another, or helping start a new lender relationship, we stand ready to deliver and work with our clients the final document is signed.


Planning & Restructuring

Construction & Mitigation Systems Company

A comprehensive business and viability analysis will pinpoint where losses are being incurred and where opportunities exist that will lead to a successful turnaround and ongoing optimal performance. 

Analysis & Turnaround

Trucking & Logistics: Small Fleet Trucking Company

Small businesses can turnaround and regain optimal performance when a comprehensive business analysis and 13-week initiatives pinpoint challenges and reign-in cash control to mitigate additional losses.

Business & Viability Analysis

Restaurant & Catering: Gusto Italian Restaurant

A pre-transaction analysis with a funding or turnaround plan for healthy or distressed businesses will help unlock value and ensure that both parties are arriving at an agreeable price for the business.