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Business Planning & Restructuring

Construction & Mitigation Systems Company

From a comprehensive Analysis, an investment attractive Business Plan that shows immediate improvement to Cash Flow can lead to a new lender relationship and refinanced debt in a new capital structure.


Retail Exit Strategy

Fabric & Craft Retailer:

Fabric Depot

Single-store retailers can generate significant cash flow and recovery from liquidating in an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors​ even after the business has gone "dark" and management dissolved.


Retail Exit Strategy

Apparel Retailer: The North Face at KL Mountain

When financial institutions are "handed the keys" from borrowers walking away from inventory, significant capital recovery can be generated from selling the inventory in a retail store with operational support. 

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Retail Exit Strategy

Electronics & Home Theater: Electric Avenue

Absentee owners with functioning operations can execute an effective store closing sale to generate a higher recovery than selling the business, but also employees are given runway to find new opportunities.  

Arts and Crafts Store

Analysis & Retail Promotion

Experiential Retail & Craft: Memory Lane

Specialty retail, particularly experiential, benefits from ensuring there is an effective mix and turnover of inventory that can be sold to captured customers engaging in the experience.

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Turnaround & Recovery

Consumer Products Goods Manufacturer & Distributor

Through a 4-Phase turnaround approach - Analyze-Stabilize-Optimize-Maximize - a strategic plan can be developed that leads to viable performance improvements and a troubled credit exit.

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Business Analysis & Turnaround

Trucking & Logistics: Small Fleet Trucking Company

Small businesses can turnaround and regain optimal performance when a comprehensive business analysis and 13-week initiatives pinpoint challenges and reign-in cash control to mitigate additional losses.

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Business & Viability Analysis

Manufacturing & Distribution: LED Lighting 

A comprehensive business and viability analysis will pinpoint where losses are being incurred and where opportunities exist that will lead to a successful turnaround and ongoing optimal performance.

Restaurant Table

Business & Viability Analysis

Restaurant & Catering Facility: Italian Restaurant

A pre-transaction analysis with a funding or turnaround plan for healthy or distressed businesses will help unlock value and ensure that both parties are arriving at an agreeable price for the business.

SUP, Surfboard

"Pop-Up" Liquidation

Beach Apparel & Gear: Waves Surf & Sport

When financial institutions are "handed the keys" from borrowers walking away from inventory and real estate, significant capital recovery can be generated to offset the loan while positioning the sale of real estate.

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Business & Viability Analysis

HVAC & Industrial Services

A comprehensive Business & Viability Analysis can give business owners and lenders insight into the performance and health of a business, corrective change measures, and the predictive impact from the changes.

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"Pop-Up" Liquidation

Apparel Retailer: Kit & Ace @ NamasDay Sportswear

Unsecured creditors involved in a retailer's Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors' case can generate recovery and lost capital through alternative monetization strategies.


Retail Exit Strategy

Apparel Retailer: Women's Designer Boutique

Custom-built strategies designed to liquidate individually-owned and low-inventory retailers can generate significant recovery over a shortened promotion cycle and deliver a lease-ready space to the landlord.

Trying on Rings

Analysis & Retail Promotion

Fine Jewelry & Gemstones: Stafford Jewelers

When retail ownership is transitioning or partnerships dissolving, a promotional sale can generate capital and flush out old inventory, and a comprehensive analysis will help set the new owner on solid footing.  

Blue Couch and End Table

Retail Exit Strategy

Furniture & Accessories: Jackson Furniture

As family-owned retail businesses are passed down generations that embark in new directions benefit from the capital generated from the sale of unwanted merchandise that will clear a space for new opportunity.