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As the economy continues to evolve and eCommerce continues to settle into its role, challenges may occur to retailers that lead to surplus inventory tying up cash. When inventory monetization or liquidation becomes necessary, traditional sale strategies can oftentimes prove ineffective. 


Fortis Business Advisors has the unmatched expertise and online marketing resources to transition comprehensive monetization and liquidation strategies into an eCommerce platform. We have the unique ability to work inside single-channel eCommerce or develop omnichannel or "Pop-Up" stores to increase effectiveness and awareness. By deploying a highly disciplined approach that helps define and execute strategic initiatives and deliver the most intelligent and up-to-date marketing and operational solutions, we ensure that every dollar invested in our services yields the highest possible results. 

Fortis Business Advisors is the authority in small-scale enterprise and inventory-level sales. Our goal is to establish a tailor-made sales plan and execute a strategy that ensures capital is not left on the table. 

Focal Points

Single-channel or omnichannel monetization strategies

Cohesive and holistic marketing and advertising strategy and support

Comprehensive and complete process oversight and transparency

Increased customer traffic with an enhanced eCommerce store image and higher visibility.

"Pop-Up" store execution to increase brand awareness, test new markets for traditional brick-and-mortar, or broaden the liquidation strategy 

How We Help

eCommerce Solutions

Monetize inventory to drive cash flow, increase turnover, and balance inventory levels.

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