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Developing an accurate financial forecast for a small business is challenging, particularly if the business is in a transition or dealing with distress. It requires a comprehensive understanding of what drives the business, its operating challenges and opportunities, and its competitive environment.

We take historical data, the impact of operational and financial initiatives that have been effectuated, and project what the future will look like for the business. We then build and install tools specifically catered to small businesses. These models are utilized as critical planning tools that not only give management a map moving forward but also help secure financing for the business, be it conventional lending or sponsor based.

Focal Points

Custom-built Forecast Models

13-week Cash Flow Projection

Balance Sheet Projections

Working Capital Projections

Net Present Value and

Discounted Cash Flow Models

Business Plan Projections

Model Monitoring and Refinement

How We Help
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Financial Modeling
& Analytics

Gain plan visibility through projections that help evaluate risks and opportunities across multiple scenarios.

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