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Unique, and sometimes unfortunate, circumstances occur to retailers that can cause store locations to cease to be profitable, access to capital can dry up, or inventory turnover to become sluggish leading to a glut of inventory tying up cash. Whatever the situation may be, when shuttering a store or stores becomes necessary, unique strategic initiatives must be deployed to efficiently and effectively monetize inventory to preserve capital and exit the marketplace. 

At Fortis Business Advisors, we guide strong management teams through the liquidation process while executing a marketing program to monetize inventory and other assets. We deploy a highly disciplined approach that helps define and execute the strategic initiatives necessary to efficiently and effectively sell off inventory, furniture, fixtures, and equipment. We stand ready to deliver the most intelligent and up-to-date solutions to ensure that every dollar invested in our services yields the highest possible results. 

Fortis Business Advisors is the authority in small-scale enterprise and inventory-level store closing and liquidation sales. Our goal is to establish a tailor-made sales plan and execute a strategy that ensures capital is not left on the table. 

Focal Points

Comprehensive and complete process oversight and transparency

Sales returns upwards of 90% to 110% of the original inventory cost

Total inventory sell-off to the bare walls.

Increased customer traffic with an enhanced store image and higher visibility.

Advanced merchandising techniques that drive customers efficiently through the store(s)

Cohesive and holistic marketing and advertising strategy and support

Single-store and small-chain retail support

How We Help

Guided Self-Liquidations

When management has bought in to the goal, minimize expenses and increase recovery rates.

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