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When small business owners are seeking sources to get a loan approved, it helps to have a broad overview of the loan process, a granular understanding of the documents needed, and access to a network of potential lenders to present the package to that may be interested.

The business may be seeking funding for a startup, the acquisition of another company, or may need debt refinanced under a different loan structure with a new lender. Or the business may be looking to borrow money for various general business needs, including working capital, furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment, land or a building, or leasehold improvements.

Whatever the situation may be, a lender will have documentation requirements that have to be satisfied before a loan approval can move forward. Getting all of this together can be a complicated process that takes a considerable amount of time and effort that is better focused on the business itself.

Focal Points

Business Plan development or validation

Required documentation review

"5-C's" review

Debt Refinance packaging

Access to a network of lenders, including, but not limited to: SBA, C&I, ABL, Factoring, Inventory, Equipment, Real Estate

How We Help
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Loan Packaging

Bringing small businesses to optimal sources of capital.

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