From inception to growth to maturation, operating a small business day-to-day can force reaction over action which can lead to short-term results at the sake of long-term success. With small businesses, oftentimes just getting through the week or even the day while ensuring that payroll is made and the lights remain on can quickly become the primary objective. For a pathway to success and long-term viability, it is crucial for small businesses to become proactive in ensuring that operational performance and organizational health remain robust through long-term direction planning that leads to positive cash flow with sustainable revenue and profit.



Diagnostic Business and Viability Analysis

Strategic Business Planning and Modeling            

Profit and Process Engineering

Value Engineering for Maximum Return Prior to a Sale, Merger

or Acquisition

Sales and Marketing Performance Improvement

Operational and Organizational Optimization with Tools to

Measure and Maintain Performance

Optimal Inventory and Asset Turnover with Balanced Inventory Planning

High-impact Retail Sales Promotions to Generate Immediate

Cash Flow and New Customer Database with Retention Management Tools


Plan Implementation with Timely Updates and Strategic Enhancements

New Lender/Investor Cultivation and Presentation to Ensure the Optimal Capital Structure

Represent Small Businesses Directly or through Assistance 

with Intermediaries and Advisors Seeking Optimal Performance Prior to a Sale or Merger/Acquisition Transaction              



At Fortis Business Advisors we comprehensively analyze all aspects of a small business to identify current and potential future challenges, then build customized strategic plans and procedural and reporting systems that address those challenges and unlock liquidity in the business.  To provide clarity and visibility as the business transitions through all phases of the business lifecycle, Fortis provides direction that not only improves the business but inspires productivity.


Our advisory approach is on-site and side-by-side with owners, managers and staff members throughout the organization. We ensure that our programs are properly implemented and supported, and we instruct and train team members on how to transform core business systems and processes for greater efficiency, lower costs and optimized performance. Regardless of the stage of the business lifecycle, incorporating all or any one of these unique roadmaps will lead to a strategic pathway that results in success and long-term viability.


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Analysis & Turnaround

Trucking & Logistics: Small Fleet Trucking Company

Small businesses can turnaround and regain optimal performance when a comprehensive business analysis and 13-week initiatives pinpoint challenges and reign-in cash control to mitigate additional losses.

Arts and Crafts Store

Retail Promotion & Analysis

Experiential Retail & Craft: Memory Lane

Specialty retail, particularly experiential, benefits from ensuring there is an effective mix and turnover of inventory that can be sold to captured customers engaging in the experience.

Trying on Rings

Retail Promotion & Analysis

Fine Jewelry & Gemstones: Stafford Jewelers

When retail ownership is transitioning or partnerships dissolving, a promotional sale can generate capital and flush out old inventory, and a comprehensive analysis will help set the new owner on solid footing.