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Retail Exit Strategies &
Inventory Maximization

From single-store operations to small-chain retailers, management-focused or "dark", our strategies focus on efficiency, capital preservation, market exposure, or exit from the marketplace.

Fortis Business Advisors has the unmatched expertise required to address inventory challenges retailers and other small businesses face. We execute a marketing program and promotion that combines elevating awareness of the business while turning inventory into quick cash. This translates into a disciplined approach that helps define and deliver the strategic initiatives necessary to ensure capital is not left on the table.

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Retail Promotions | Liquidations

| Store Closing Sales

| Location Pare-Backs

For many inventory-driven businesses, whether a retailer, wholesale supplier, or manufacturer, it is not uncommon to discover that the root cause of performance decline is not due to operational inefficiencies, but rather inventory and asset performance challenges. But different challenges require different strategies, none of which are "normal" business operations. When inventory monetization becomes necessary, unique strategic initiatives must be deployed to efficiently and effectively monetize inventory to preserve capital or exit the marketplace.

Guided Self-Liquidations 

"Dark" Store Operations

| Special Situations

It is not uncommon for small retailers facing liquidation to equally be facing unique circumstances. The retailer may be an incredibly efficient operation that only requires assistance with a structured approach to a wind-down through effective marketing initiatives. Or the situation may be a unique challenge where keys have been surrendered, management has been dissolved, and key stakeholders or creditors are seeking effective solutions to generate a higher recovery. However unusual the situation or crisis may be, solutions are available that are both adaptable and cost-effective.  

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Store Viability Analysis 

Strategic Inventory

| Optimal Inventory Turnover

With the constantly evolving retail landscape, from the store mix down to the inventory mix, it is imperative that retailers diligently and continually analyze the performance of their stores and the inventory they are selling to ensure that each is operating at maximum efficiency for the highest possible return. 

Performance Marketing

& Advertising

Whether promoting a business to create more awareness and generate more sales or ensuring the highest number of customers are visiting a location or site, we develop a cohesive marketing strategy that fits the geography, demographics, and budget for the market being targeted. We define value propositions, and unify messaging with customized, holistic brand strategies that are designed to shape customers' perceptions and drive them to the locations. 

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Single Store and Small-Chain Retailers seeking promotional support or an efficient exit from the marketplace.

Financial Institutions seeking operational support prior to selling the business as a going concern, or seeking higher-than-average returns from liquidating excess inventory that has been repossessed but remains in a retail storefront.

Trustees, Bankruptcy Attorneys, and Professional Service Advisors seeking alternative strategies and liquidation support in an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors, Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. 

Landlords and Real Estate Investment Trust sponsors seeking capital from the sale of inventory left by a retailer.

Business owners seeking to monetize inventory to ensure maximum efficiency prior to the sale of a business.

Case History: Retail Exit Strategy

Fabric & Craft Retailer:
Fabric Depot

Single-store retailers can generate significant cash flow and recovery from liquidating in an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors​.

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Unleash Buried Capital and Cease Leaving Money on the Table in Regional Retail Liquidations

The challenges are consistent with every retailer in distress - too much debt without an omnichannel strategy, the shift to eCommerce, year-over-year sales are declining, and increased operational expenses are compressing margins.

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