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Retail is one of the most dynamic features of the economy with aspects of it touching consumers daily. However, it is rapidly evolving as consumer demands change, technology adapts, and eCommerce accelerates. For many retailers, this is leading to inventory challenges, unprofitability, and divestiture of concept.  

At Fortis Business Advisors, our store-level experienced team brings the unmatched expertise that is required to get a retail business fully operational to execute sale strategies while deploying a marketing program to turn unwanted inventory and assets into quick cash. Our highly disciplined approach helps define and execute the strategic initiatives necessary to efficiently and effectively sell off unwanted and surplus inventory, furniture, fixtures, and equipment. We stand ready to deliver the most intelligent and up-to-date marketing and operational solutions to ensure that every dollar invested in our services yields the highest possible results. 

Fortis Business Advisors is the authority in small-scale enterprise and inventory-level engagements. Our goal is to establish a tailor-made sales plan and execute a strategy to match our partner's goals. 

Focal Points

Sustainable sales increases that are 2x-3x normal sales volume

Substantial increases in Cash Flow in highly concentrated time periods

Advanced merchandising techniques that drive customers efficiently through the store(s)

Balanced inventory levels to increase inventory turnover rates

New and updated customer lists

Cohesive and holistic marketing and advertising strategies

Single-store and small-chain retail support

Optimize inventory and drive cash flow prior to a business transaction

Efficient, effective and transparent operational support

How We Help
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Retail Promotion &
Store Rationalization

Stay ahead of changing consumer habits in an evolving economy.

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