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For businesses facing extreme financial pressure, have triggered into workout or special assets with their lender, or are in a crisis situation, an effective turnaround process can lead to a more efficiently run and management-controlled business mitigating the chances of future financial default.

No matter how constrained the cash flow or timeline may be, we move quickly to implement a proven 4-stage process that leads to immediate action plans - Analyze - Stabilize - Optimize - Maximize. This process helps companies in transition identify practical strategies that improve profitability and liquidity while developing and executing an effective turnaround plan with long-term, sustainable results.

We act as an extension of the current management team, and provide hands-on and on-site guidance, getting our own hands as dirty as necessary. Informed by extensive industry and turnaround experience across multiple verticals, we help empower each small business to more effectively manage its resources while effectuating the change needed to improve performance. As positive results emerge, we then build on these efforts to craft long-term strategies that lead to lasting change. 

While each turnaround is different, they also share many commonalities, especially lack of time. Our experience and credibility enable us to quickly garner financial flexibility and additional time from our client's constituents. This helps us work with management in conducting the critical operational and financial assessment that forms an effective turnaround plan.

Because our focus is on small businesses exclusively, and because we are small business owners ourselves, we take the position of "this is what we would do if we owned the business." It helps us translate into having "skin-in-the-game." It also evokes confidence that the stated goals can be accomplished and long-term value can be enhanced and sustained.

Focal Points

3-statement Financial Modeling

13-week Cash-Flow Modeling and Initiatives

EBITDA Adjustment Analysis

Credit Agreement Review and Covenant Calculation Modeling

Collateral Availability and

Borrrowing Bases

Financial Statement "Clean-Up" and Capital Structure Organization

Industry-Specific Research with Competition, Risks, and Opportunities

Budget Review and Actual Variance Analysis

Business Plan Review

Short and Long-term Strategic Planning

Operational Health Assessment

Stress Testing for Margin Compression

Working Capital Inputs and Efficiency

Liquidation Valuation

Inventory and Asset Efficiency

Revenue and Margin Improvement

Profit and Process Engineering and Optimization

How We Help

Turnaround Management

Helping lenders reduce risk and debtors manage transformation.

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