The cycle often plays out like this - as a small business grinds to a halt, lines of credit max out, funding sources, where available, become overwhelmingly expensive, and merchant cash advance seems like the only hope. As challenges mount and operations strain, fear resonates systemically through the management and the staff, suppliers cease shipping or move to COD, and banks begin foreclosure threats and potential collateral collection on personal guarantees. The only options become shut the doors or build a comprehensive turnaround strategy.


Diagnostic Business and Viability Analysis

13-week Initiatives and Cash Flow Modeling & Updating

Revenue Enhancing Strategies and Working Capital Management

Organizational Health and Operational Performance Improvement

Profit and Process Engineering with Milestones

Surplus Inventory/Asset Monetization, Promotional Sales and Store Pare Backs


Plan implementation with Timely Updates and Strategic Enhancements

Business & Funding Plan Development and Presentation with Capital Structure to Support Initiatives for Presentation to New Lender/Investor 

Sustainable Business Turnaround and Recovery Plan Development and Assistance with Lender Presentation

Represent Debtors or Creditors Directly or through Trustees and Fiduciaries in Plan Development and Implementation under Guidelines of Chapter 11, Sub. V Bankruptcy Code 

Interim Leadership and “Dark” Business Operations



With small businesses, it is not uncommon for a risk taken to not materialize as planned or a minor detail that was never seen coming to have a detrimental and negative impact on the business. Because small business owners have 100% "skin-in-the-game," when financial distress occurs, the impact can resonate professionally and personally as the owner or CEO can effectively be suffocated with creditor and vendor challenges on top of operational deterioration.

The management team at Fortis Business Advisors are start-up entrepreneurs and business owners, which allows us the unique perspective of treating a business from the focal point of “if we owned this business, this is how we would improve it.” We are hands-on and on-site working directly with owners while creating a bridge that helps quell the challenges and fulfill the requests from creditors and vendors.

For businesses facing extreme financial pressure, have triggered into workout or special assets with their lender, or are in a crisis situation, the turnaround process employed by Fortis Business Advisors can lead to a more efficiently run and management-controlled business mitigating the chances of future financial default. No matter how constrained the cash flow or timeline may be, we stabilize the business quickly with immediate action plans, then build on the stabilization efforts to craft long-term strategies that lead to lasting change. 


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Turnaround & Recovery

Consumer Products Goods Manufacturer & Distributor

Through a 4-Phase turnaround approach - Analyze-Stabilize-Optimize-Maximize - a strategic plan can be developed that leads to viable performance improvements and a troubled credit exit.

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Analysis & Turnaround

Trucking & Logistics: Small Fleet Trucking Company

Small businesses can turnaround and regain optimal performance when a comprehensive business analysis and 13-week initiatives pinpoint challenges and reign-in cash control to mitigate additional losses.

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Business & Viability Analysis

Manufacturing & Distribution: LED Lighting

A comprehensive business and viability analysis will pinpoint where losses are being incurred and where opportunities exist that will lead to a successful turnaround and ongoing optimal performance.