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The value of a business to a current owner and the price that a business will sell to a new buyer can oftentimes be two very different things. Moreover, if two different professional valuations are produced, it would not be uncommon to yield two entirely different results. These differences are what make defining the goal from a valuation imperative to ensure that a deal can be funded that drives a positive return on investment for all of the parties involved.


We provide the economic and financial intelligence that is required to make informed decisions on the value of a business that is reflective of what has happened in the past and what can happen in the future. Through informed consultation, we ensure that both the buyer and the seller are making business decisions that lead to long-term sustainability.  


Valuation Validation &
Capital Efficiency

Carefully weigh opportunities with the economic and financial intelligence that is needed to make informed decisions.


How We Help

Business & Operational

Due Diligence

Take an unbiased approach to assessing all of the managerial, operational, financial, and asset functions to uncover challenges.

Financial Modeling

& Analytics

Assess the small business and its viability through modeling and financial projections that help evaluate risk and opportunities across multiple scenarios.



Draw on deep, cross-industry experience and multi-disciplinary analysis to ensure that the value placed on a business is clear, fair, and investible.


Capital Structure

Isolate an optimal funding structure that combines efficient debt and equity capital usage to drive return on investment and identify sources to fund the strategy.

Asset Optimization

and Recovery

Measure asset performance to ensure they are generating the highest returns while monetizing excess to increase turnover, drive cash flow, and enhance value.

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