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If a small business is taking risks and breaking through barriers, it will go through distress at some point in its lifecycle. The distress can be driven by internal decisions and improper planning, or oftentimes changes in market conditions, shifts in financial conditions, loss of a major client, technological disruption, and other factors can have a detrimental effect and lead to a crisis. As a small business faces declining profitability, tightening liquidity, pressure from a lender, expensive or unavailable credit, and debts that exceed the book value of the assets, signs become clear that outside assistance is needed.

Fortis Business Advisors has deep experience working with distressed organizations and underperforming small businesses. To effectuate the change required, we work rapidly through a proven 4-phase turnaround approach - Analyze-Stabilize-Optimize-Maximize - to develop a strategic plan that creates value and leads to viable performance improvements. This, coupled with our approach from an owner's perspective, addresses problems head-on and drives rapid change to create value.

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Turnaround Management
& Restructuring Services

Bringing stability and preserving value for distressed small businesses.


How We Help

Business and Operational Assessment

Take an unbiased approach to assessing all of the managerial, operational, financial, and asset functions to uncover challenges and unlock value.

Liquidity and Working Capital Managment

For companies in distress or undergoing rapid growth, craft strategies to ensure sufficient cash flow and optimal working capital to support operations.



Guide companies through significant change and create managerial, operational, and financial strategies that lead to long-term sustainability.

Financial Modeling

& Analytics

Assess the small business and its viability through modeling and financial projections that help evaluate risk and opportunities while unlocking value.

Bankruptcy Support & Chief Restructuring Officer

Small business and legal counsel support through the phases of the bankruptcy process, including reporting, management support, reorganization, and liquidation.



Seamlessly step into management roles to help lead a company through change or liquidate when management has been dissolved or the business has gone "dark."

Workout and Business

Plan Validation

Evaluate the strategic, financial, operational, and managerial functions crucial to small business success, and endorse or identify modifications.

M&A and 

Transaction Advisory

Partner with owners and investors from the buyer and seller positions across all industries to ensure successful outcomes through the deal lifecycle. 



Identify the optimal capital structure that leads to maximum efficiency and return on investment for a pre-approved investor or lender package.

Asset Optimization

and Recovery

If it is determined that a small business cannot overcome market, financial, or competitive challenges, pursue a course of action that maximizes recovery.

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