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Case History: Business Analysis & 
Cash Flow Management Tool Development

Metal Framing

Metal Frame.png

When Cash Flow Management Tools specifically designed for a business are implemented and adopted, management and their financial institution gain an accurate insight into the operation.


Headquartered outside of Atlanta, Georgia and serving the Southeastern United States is a well-established Metal Framing Manufacturer recognized as a leader in their industry for sourcing quality cold-formed metal framing. Manufacturing and distributing a complete line of structural and dry-wall metal framing and accessories, the company specializes in custom lengths of stud and track. With new management in place to help transition to a more technology-driven company, Manufacturer worked to secure a loan with a new financial institution to help manage their growth needs. However, in order to secure the loan, the financial institution sought a better window into how cash flows through the operation on a monthly basis and required monthly updates to the reporting. Like many small businesses, Manufacturer is a leader in their craft, but oftentimes financial reporting that is not always straightforward or easy to report can un-neccessasarily absorb valuable time.


The financial institution referred Fortis Business Advisors to Manufacturer to help develop a tool that would report cash flow and the financial impacts of decisions being made to keep the business stable through growth. The tool would be an ongoing initiative that would measure projections versus actual results on a monthly basis, and the impacts on break-even. The function of the tool would be specific to the business, designed to be easy to use, and report straightforward and accurate results.


Comprehensive cash flow tool built to project future cash flow and measure the projections against actual results as well as evolving results detailed on a monthly basis.

The tool also measures projected and actual monthly break-even, detailed disbursement reporting, and A/R and A/P reporting.

The owner and bookkeeper were fully trained on how to use the tool for the most effective impact and analysis-based decision making.

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