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Retail Solutions and Asset Maximization

From single-store operations to small-chain retailers, management-focused or "dark", our strategies focus on efficiency, capital preservation, market exposure, or exit from the marketplace.


Fortis Business Advisors has the unmatched expertise required to address inventory and asset challenges retailers and other small businesses and their stakeholders face.  By executing a marketing program and promotion that elevates awareness of the business we quickly turn inventory and assets into cash.


This translates into a disciplined approach that helps define and deliver the strategic initiatives necessary to ensure capital is not left on the table.


Understand the Value

Measure the inventory assets from taking a physical inventory and appraising its value to measuring the Net Orderly Liquidation Value.

Know it to Optimize It

Ensure the efficiency of inventory assets by optimizing turnover and days inventory outstanding, to developing an effective inventory mix.

Promote to Maximize

Drive customers to a store to ensure that a desired outcome is reached, from promoting a business to driving cash flow to increasing inventory turnover.

Close One Or Close All

From single or multi-store pare-back strategies to comprehensive liquidation and store closings with a complete market exit, ensure maximized capital recovery. 

Do It Yourself with Guidance

Combine current operational efficiencies with an assisted structured approach to a wind-down utilizing effective marketing initiatives.

eCommerce Monetization

Apply effective promotion and monetization-driving strategies to single-channel eCommerce or omnichannel retail to generate cash and maximize outcomes.

Convert Assets to Cash

Leverage a network of buyers for whole or partial purchases of inventory or industrial assets through a single transaction and turn the assets into quick cash. 

How We Help


Inventory Appraisal & Analysis

Wine & Liquor:

Package Store

Not only will a comprehensive inventory count and appraisal help secure a small business loan, but it also helps ensure that a new owner is starting with an accurate inventory.

Liquor Store.png

Retail Exit


Hardware & Supply:

Family-Owned Hardware Stores

Multi-store retail Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases generate higher returns when retail inventory is monetized through a combined location pare-back sale and promotional sale.


Retail Exit 


Apparel Retailer:

The North Face @

KL Mountain Shop

When financial institutions are "handed the keys" from borrowers walking away from inventory, significant capital recovery can be generated from selling the inventory in a retail store with operational



Retail Exit 


Electronics & Home


Electric Avenue

Absentee owners with functioning operations can execute an effective store closing sale to generate a higher recovery than selling the business with employees having runway to find new


Electric Avenue.jpg

Analysis &

Retail Promotion

Experiential Retail

& Craft:

Memory Lane

Specialty retail, particularly experiential, benefits from ensuring there is an effective mix and turnover of inventory that can be sold to captured customers engaging in the experience.

Arts and Crafts Store

Retail Exit


Jewelry & Gifts:

Jewelry Store

When strong management teams are in place, guided self-liquidations are extremely effective at helping monetize inventory for cash flow and paring-back store locations.


Retail Exit


Fabric & Craft


Fabric Depot

Single-store retailers can generate significant cash flow and recovery from liquidating in an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors​ even after the business has gone "dark" and management dissolved.

Colorful Threads

Retail Exit 


Apparel Retailer:

Women's Designer


Custom-built strategies designed to liquidate individually-owned and low-inventory retailers can generate significant recovery over a shortened promotion cycle and deliver a lease-ready space to the landlord.


Analysis &

Retail Promotion

Fine Jewelry & 


Stafford Jewelers

When retail ownership is transitioning or partnerships dissolving, a promotional sale can generate capital and flush out old inventory, and a comprehensive analysis will help set the new owner on solid footing.  

Marriage Proposal

Retail Exit 


Furniture & 


Jackson Furniture

As family-owned retail businesses are passed down, generations that embark in new directions benefit from the capital generated from the sale of unwanted merchandise that will clear a space for new opportunities. 

Grey Sofa
Featured Retail
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