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Business Owner Focused

Fortis Business Advisors is a

performance optimization and

inventory maximization firm executing

experienced-based solutions for small businesses

 in healthy or distressed situations.

Our mastery of these disciplines

is what makes us effective.

Our ability to integrate them seamlessly

is what makes us unique.


Across three disciplines, Fortis helps small businesses with comprehensive, collaborative solutions at every stage of the business lifecycle in any market condition.

Each specializes in achieving a distinct outcome but is wholely integrable given the nature of the complexity being addressed. This coupled with our approaching challenges from an owner's perspective drives our uniqueness. We believe the most creative solutions and impactful work happen when relevant experience pulled from the disciplines is in collaboration, resulting in cohesive solutions for our client's greatest challenges. 

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Rapid, robust, and effective business optimization, transformation, and maximization strategies designed specifically for small business that quickly and efficiently deliver tangible and sustainable results at each point of the business lifecycle.

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Generate cash, unlock value, increase sales, improve turnover, eliminate old inventory, or exit the market for the highest possible recovery.



Give valuable and marketable inventory exposure in single-store, multi-store, and eCommerce settings that generate higher-than-average returns and recovery.



All You Zombies Show

Your Faces

As interest rates increase to fight inflation, more companies are becoming "zombies," not generating enough profit to cover debt service leading to more borrowing.

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The Fed raises interest rates by .25%

The increased cost of capital is having a profound effect on business

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Effects from an 

Applied Stress Test

During economic volatility, results from stress testing will help businesses gain a better understanding of the effects uncontrolled outward pressure can have on margins.

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Inventory Appraisal & Analysis

Wine & Liquor:

Package Store

Not only will a comprehensive inventory count and appraisal help secure a small business loan, but it also helps ensure that a new owner is starting with an accurate inventory.

Liquor Store.png

Retail Exit Strategy

Jewelry & Gifts:

Jewelry Store

When strong management teams are in place, guided self-liquidations are extremely effective at helping monetize inventory for cash flow and paring-back store locations.



"Pop-Up" Liquidation Strategies Approved in Bankruptcy Court

"Pop-Up" Liquidations are an effective inventory monetization strategy used by bankruptcy professionals and their debtor/creditor clients, financial institutions, landlords and REITs, and wholesale merchandisers.

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"Pop-Up" Liquidation

Apparel & Accessories:

Robert Talbott

When faced with a high volume of inventory stored in warehouses, monetizing through a multi-store "Pop-Up" Liquidation strategy can maximize returns with recovery rates up to 48% net of all expenses.

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Stay Ahead of Appraisals and Liquidations Across Asset Classes

On a recent Secured Finance Network panel discussion, Ben Nicholson of Fortis offers insights into opportunities and challenges lenders and business owners face with small-scale liquidations and the evolution into eCommerce. 



Someone Somewhere is Not 

Getting Paid

When businesses, particularly small businesses, face distress, they will use various, and sometimes precarious, tactics to hold onto cash and triage disbursements.

Someone Somewhere Web.png



Riding a Wave Through Distress

Focused solutions for small businesses in the face of economic volatility.

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Stress Testing for Margin Compression During Economic Volatility

Stress testing for margin compression will help businesses gain a better understanding of the effects uncontrolled outward pressure can have on margins.

Stress Testing Image.png

Business & Inventory Efficiency Analysis

Consumer Products Goods Manufacturer & Distributor

In crafting an analyst mosaic, in addition to the benefits derived from financial review, comprehensive and line-item inventory review will drive pricing efficiency and prevent sluggishness.


Business Planning & Restructuring

Construction & Mitigation Systems Company

From a comprehensive Analysis, an investment attractive Business Plan that shows immediate improvement to Cash Flow can lead to a new lender relationship and refinanced debt in a new capital structure.

Construction Mitigation 1.webp

"Pop-Up" Liquidation

Hardware & Supply:

Anvil Hardware

Debtors and their Creditors benefit from the use of "Pop-Up" Liquidations to generate higher returns from the monetization of inventory and assets in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Cases.​

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Business Analysis & Valuation

Trucking & Logistics: 

Small-Fleet Trucking Company

After a successful turnaround and operation stabilization, businesses are better positioned and more attractive for outside investment when an accurate valuation model is presented.

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Managing a Small-Chain Retail Liquidation with a Controlled Burn

 Co-authored with S. Gregory Hays of Hays Financial Consulting. When reality is faced in a timely manner, small-chain retailers have options to ensure maximum recovery during liquidation.

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