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Performance Advisory

Independent or integrated solutions to complex small business challenges that power better performance, create value, and mitigate risk.



Our strategists are business owners and start-up entrepreneurs engaging other business owners.


Our experience and focus help foster out-of-the-box solutions to complex situations business owners and entrepreneurs face. We execute services, and exhaust every opportunity, from a hands-on and on-site "if we owned it, how we would improve it" approach.


Stabilize financial, operational, and asset performance while addressing underlying challenges to preserve and create value.

Accelerate Performance

Align operational performance and organizational health through direction planning that leads to positive cash flow with sustainable revenue and profit.

Unlock Deal Value

Capture full deal value while optimizing the transaction, maximizing value, and minimizing risk through due diligence and integration.

Informed Business Decisions

Utilize the economic and financial intelligence that is required to make well-informed valuation and business decisions at each stage of a valuation analysis.

How We Help

Business Analysis & Financial Modeling Tools

Metal Framing 


When Cash Flow Management Tools specifically designed for a business are implemented and adopted, management and their financial institution gain an accurate insight into the operation.

Metal Frame.png

Business Analysis & Valuation for M&A

Trucking & Logistics:

Small-Fleet Trucking 


After a successful turnaround and operation stabilization, businesses are better positioned and more attractive for outside investment when an accurate valuation model is presented.

AFT #2.png

Turnaround &


Consumer Products

Manufacturer & Distributor

Through a 4-Phase turnaround approach - Analyze-Stabilize-Optimize-Maximize - a strategic plan can be developed that leads to viable performance improvements and a troubled credit exit.

CPG Main.png

Business Analysis &


Trucking & Logistics: Small-Fleet Trucking Company

Small businesses can turnaround and regain optimal performance when a comprehensive business analysis and 13-week initiatives pinpoint challenges and reign-in cash control to mitigate additional losses.

AFT Image.jpg

Business & Viability Analysis

Restaurant & Catering Facility:

Italian Restaurant

A pre-transaction analysis with a funding or turnaround plan for healthy or distressed businesses will help unlock value and ensure that both parties are arriving at an agreeable price for the business.

Set Table

Business Analysis & Financial Modeling Tools

Construction Resources Company

A comprehensive Analysis sets the platform to build financial modeling tools that help businesses evaluate decisions based on accountable performance and test their future impact.

AMB Construction.png

Business Planning & Restructuring

Construction and Mitigation Systems Company

From a comprehensive Analysis, an investment attractive Business Plan that shows immediate improvement to Cash Flow can lead to a new lender relationship and refinanced debt in a new capital structure.

Construction Mitigation 1.png

Business & Viability


HVAC & Industrial Services

A comprehensive Business & Viability Analysis gives business owners and lenders insight into the performance and health of a business, corrective change measures, and the predictive impact.

Excelco Main.png

Business & Viability Analysis

Manufacturing & Distribution:

LED Lighting

A comprehensive business and viability analysis will pinpoint where losses are being incurred and where opportunities exist to ensure management is making strategic decisions based on accurate data.

LED Lighting.png


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