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Performance Advisory

Independent or integrated solutions to complex small business challenges.

Fortis Business Advisors' strategists are business owners and start-up entrepreneurs engaging other business owners. Our experience and focus help foster out-of-the-box solutions to complex situations business owners face. We execute services and exhaust every opportunity from a hands-on and on-site "if we owned it, how we would improve it" approach.


Business & Viability Analytics

| 13-week Initiatives

Comparative Financial Statement

| Operation & Organization Health 

| Optimal Inventory & Asset Performance 

| 13-week Cash Flow | Pro Forma Projections

| Borrowing Base | Working Capital Efficiency

Capital Structure & Leverage 

| Break-Even Efficiency

| Financial Ratio

| Margin Compression & Operation Stress Testing

| Performance Marketing & Advertising Analytics

The Fortis Business Analysis and 13-week initiatives program analyzes the "current state" of a small business and provides custom solutions that will chart a course towards improving cash flow and operations toward achieving maximum profitability. By identifying underperforming areas of the business that can be improved and where liquidity can be unlocked, tangible solutions can be developed to help solve current and future challenges.

Business Restructuring

| Turnaround Management

13-week Initiatives & Cash Flow Modeling

| Revenue & Margin Improvement Strategies

Working Capital Management

| Profit & Process Engineering 

Capital Structure Efficiency & Borrowing Base

| New Lender Cultivation & SBA Finance Preparation 

| Inventory & Asset Optimization

| Turnaround & Recovery Plan Development

| Distressed Investment Sale Support

| Interim & Crisis Management

For businesses facing extreme financial pressure, have triggered into workout or special assets with their lender, or are in a crisis situation, the turnaround process employed by Fortis Business Advisors can lead to a more efficiently run and management-controlled business mitigating the chances of future financial default. No matter how constrained the cash flow or timeline may be, we stabilize the business quickly with immediate action plans, then build on the stabilization efforts to craft long-term strategies that lead to lasting change. 


Performance &

Health Improvement

Profit & Process Engineering 

| Value Engineering 

| Sales & Marketing Performance 

| Sales Promotions

| Optimal Inventory & Asset Efficiency

| Operation & Organization Efficiency

| Capital Structure Efficiency

| Investor/Lender Cultivation

| Strategic Planning

| Optimal Performance & Value Maximization

| Dashboards & Key Performance Indicators

From inception to growth to maturation, operating a small business day-to-day can force reaction over action which can lead to short-term results that choke long-term success. For a pathway to success and long-term viability, it is crucial for small businesses to become proactive in ensuring that operational performance and organizational health remain robust through long-term direction planning that leads to positive cash flow with sustainable revenue and profit.

Business Planning & Modeling

Strategic Business Plan Development

| Optimal Lending Facility / Investor Identification 

| SBA Finance Preparation 

| Borrowing Base Development

Capital Structure Efficiency

| Optimal Performance & Value Maximization

Access to cash is the lifeblood of a small business. ​However, business owners who are masters at their craft can get stalled when it comes to putting a plan on paper and the dynamics of determining the right lending option and capital structure for their business needs. Different types of lending opportunities each serve a different purpose, which makes it all the more imperative to develop comprehensive and concise business plans that ensure that the business is attractive to lenders or investors in helping secure the optimal lending facility.  

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Performance Marketing & Advertising

| Brand & Customer Strategy 

| Marketing Efficiency & Effectiveness

| Pricing Optimization 

| Social Media Launch & Cultivation 

| Website Development

| Sales Promotions

| Optimal Inventory

| Dashboards & Key Performance Indicators

Whether promoting a business to create more awareness and generate more sales or ensuring the highest number of customers are visiting a location or site, we develop a cohesive marketing strategy that fits the geography, demographics, and budget for the market being targeted. We define value propositions, and unify messaging with customized, holistic brand strategies that are designed to shape customers' perceptions and drive them to the locations. 

M&A Support &

Transaction Advisory

Sell-side / Buy-side Advisory

| Financial & Operational Performance Improvement

Value Enhancement Strategies

| Strategic Business Plan Development

| Presentation Development

| Due Diligence

| Optimal Lending Facility / Investor Identification 

| SBA Finance Preparation 

Whether directly with the business owner or through their advisors, we assist small businesses with immediate and long-term strategies for the sale of a business, merger, or acquisition. We take a holistic approach to optimizing the transaction for both the seller and the buyer that maximizes value and minimizes risk. Our hands-on approach helps smooth-out challenges and identify opportunities to optimize the outcome of the transaction and create lasting value.




Small businesses seeking guidance on the performance of the business and tailored-made solutions to improve performance.

Financial Institutions seeking better insight into a borrower's business to ensure the preservation of capital and viability or execution of a turnaround.

Business Owners and Financial Institutions seeking assistance with business planning for alternative lending strategies or refinance. 

Business Brokers and Intermediaries seeking depth into a businesses operation to enhance the viability and attractiveness of a transaction.

Trustees, Fiduciaries, Bankruptcy Professionals and other Professional Service Advisors seeking support for distress small businesses.

Case History: Turnaround Management & Recovery

Consumer Products Goods Manufacturer & Distributor

Through a 4-Phase turnaround approach - Analyze-Stabilize-Optimize-Maximize - a strategic plan can be developed that leads to viable performance improvements and a troubled credit exit.

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Engineering a Business for Profit: An Effective Measure to Ensure Financial Obligations Are Met

When a business is Engineered for Profit, through a controlled cost structure profit becomes a measurable outcome from the operation rather than what is left over after all other expenses have been paid.