"Pop-Up" Liquidations & 
Inventory Monetization

Unconventional solutions to drive optimal outcomes from unique situations.

Fortis Business Advisors designs, builds, and executes "Pop-Up" retail liquidations. Our cross-disciplinary approach and start-up experience across multiple business verticals and industries give us the unique ability to operate businesses that generate considerable returns with limited resources. We are startup entrepreneurs, business owners, and proactive disrupters seeking and executing alternative channels in inventory monetization.


Site Identification, Merchandising & Operation Setup

From conception to completion, we handle the entire process. From years of experience and multiple locations in multiple markets, we have an eye for identifying the most effective sites to generate the highest results. We run each location as its own unique business, develop customer relationships, generate comprehensive reporting, and exit each store in better shape than when we arrived.


Marketing &

Branding Strategies

Each location has its own brand and marketing strategy that fits the geography, demographics, and budget for the market being targeted. We define value propositions, unify messaging with customized, holistic brand strategies that are designed to shape customers' perceptions and drive them to the locations. 

Website, E-Commerce & Social Development

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Operational Strategies

| Financial & Sales Reporting

We are data-driven and focused on diminishing risk for us and our clients. To do so, we provide comprehensive financial and operational reports through the start-up and planning, ongoing operations, and final wrap-up phases. Fully developed projections and actual results, including cash flow and income statements, as well as comprehensive sales reports are generated and updated through the life of the project.

Financial Institutions and Creditors seeking higher recovery rates on repossessed inventory assets.

Landlords seeking alternative capital generating strategies to offset rent deficiencies through the disposition of inventory left by retailers.

Bankruptcy Attorneys and Professional Service Advisors seeking alternative strategies and liquidation support in Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors, Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. 

Business Owners seeking alternative strategies to monetize inventory assets through additional locations exclusive from the original business.

Inventory Wholesalers seeking alternative strategies to monetize excess inventory at higher profitability.

Case History: Retail Exit Strategies

"Pop-Up" Liquidation

Apparel Retailer:
Luna Ladies Boutique @
Selene Ladieswear

Landlords and creditors managing merchandise that is left behind by a retailer can recover lost rent and generate capital through "Pop-Up" Liquidations and alternative monetization strategies.





"Pop-Up" Liquidations: An Evolution in Effective Inventory Monetization

Temporary, but highly cost-effective "Pop-Up" retail liquidations are an effective alternative to monetize inventory with sales-to-inventory cost returns of 90% - 110% and net recovery returns ranging from $.35-$.50 on the inventory cost dollar - higher returns than typical quick-fix liquidation strategies.

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