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Whether directly with the business owner or through their advisors, we assist small businesses with immediate and long-term strategies for the sale of a business, merger, or acquisition. We take a holistic approach to optimizing the transaction for both the seller and buyer, maximizing value and minimizing risk. Our hands-on approach helps smooth-out challenges and identify opportunities through every stage of the transaction life cycle - from strategy assessment, financial and operational due diligence, inventory & asset appraisal validation, and strategic business plan development to comprehensive business training and performance improvement. With our deep business ownership experience, we work with other owners to create lasting value.


M&A and
Transaction Advisory

Optimize a transaction for both the buyer and seller while maximizing value and minimizing risk.


How We Help


M&A Advisory

Assist individual buyers, lower-middle-market private equity firms, and acquisitive corporations with analyzing, negotiating, and acquiring privately held businesses.

Sell-Side Preparation & Business Optimization

"Clean-up" financials and identify key value drivers and points of distress in the business in order to optimize performance in preparation for a sale.

Business Plan

Development & Validation

Evaluate all of the strategic, financial, operational, and managerial functions that are crucial to small business success, and endorse or identify modifications.

Business & Operational


Take an unbiased approach in assessing all of the managerial, operational, financial, and asset functions to uncover challenges and unlock value.

Financial Modeling

& Analytics

Assess a small business and its viability through modeling and financial projections that help evaluate risk and opportunities across multiple scenarios.

Valuation & 

Capital Efficiency

Carefully weigh opportunities with the economic and financial intelligence that is needed to make informed decisions prior to a business transaction.



Identify the optimal capital structure that leads to maximum efficiency and return on investment and generate a pre-approved investor/lender package.

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