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Prior to engaging a business broker, intermediary, or Private Equity sponsor, it is both prudent and imperative to identify key value drivers, address points of distress, and optimize the assets. This will allow room for improvements to the business that will make it more attractive to a potential buyer or private equity sponsor before a complex sale process begins.

Our combination of operational expertise, asset optimization capabilities, knowledge of marketplace economics, and current lending standards makes us uniquely qualified to assist clients with the preparation of a business for sale. 

Our primary goal is to ensure that the business is in its best condition for presentation thereby minimizing the length of the sale cycle and preventing potential buyers from highlighting concerns that slow the process. We want to identify these issues and solve them to enhance the business's value well before the process begins. 

While optimizing the business, we simultaneously ensure that the price is marketable and realistic and set at a level that a potential buyer is able to initiate a successful capital raise and/or secure lender financing. We then pre-package the business and identify potential lenders that, should the buyer meet the requisite criteria, will be able to seamlessly transition through the sale process.

Focal Points

Comprehensive Due Diligence review

Financials "clean-up"

Quality of Earnings analysis

Valuation and marketable pricing analysis

Inventory and Asset Optimization

Identify and mitigate operational issues and risks

Identify and document expansion opportunities

Prepare additional sales forecasts, cost-cutting initiatives, and EBITDA add-backs and enhancements 

Pre-Package for loan approval, including SBA, C&I, Secured Financial instruments, and/or LOC

Serve as financial liaison with lenders, P/E sponsors, or other interested parties

Prepare and coordinate presentations

How We Help

Sell-Side Preparation &
Business Optimization

Prepare a business for sale or a liquidity event.

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