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One of the most common reasons a small business gets into trouble is running out of cash. And when cash has been eroded, it often means something else is going wrong in the business, and when that is discovered it can lead to challenges in getting access to capital or capital at a reasonable cost. 

Capital efficiency will help ensure that capital allocation is both yielding a positive return on invested capital while satisfying, and securing, cash needs. The mix of short-term debt, long-term debt, and equity across an optimal capital structure can start at the funding of an acquisition, or be restructured during a distress situation.

Whatever the scenario may be, as the performance of the business improves, unexpected challenges that arise can be met without having to turn to desperate, and often expensive, measures.

Focal Points

Cash requirement analysis

Financial modeling

Acquisition cost requirements

Seller note optimization

Equity injection

Weighted Average Cost of Capital measurement

Short and Long-term debt structure analysis

Amortization schedules 

Rate sensitivity testing

Access to a network of lenders, including, but not limited to: SBA, C&I, ABL, Factoring, Inventory, Equipment, Real Estate

How We Help
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Capital Efficiency

Effective debt and equity structures to ensure capital allocation is working.

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