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Whether needing support during a busy period, in a formal bankruptcy, an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors, dealing with the unexpected dissolution of management, or while facing major operational changes, a distressed small business may find itself in need of outside professionals with ownership level experience to provide interim leadership.

Our professionals have extensive, ownership-level experience across multiple verticals and industries. This gives up the unique ability to step into unexpected vacancies. We can serve in the role of a modified Chief Restructuring Officer overseeing financial functions and operations during times of transition, we can re-open and manage "dark" businesses while improving operations in preparation for a sale, or we can re-open a business in order to liquidate and monetize assets for recovery. Whatever the unique situation may be, we are experienced operators dedicated to improving performance or maximizing recovery.

Focal Points

Revenue Sourcing and Analysis

Financial and Performance Analysis

Sales & Marketing Strategy


Turnaround Management

13-Week Cash Flow

Inventory & Asset Performance

How We Help

Interim Management

Guiding small businesses through uncertain times.

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