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We are entrepreneurs and small business owners helping other entrepreneurs and small business owners.  

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Performance Advisory

Business & Viability Analytics 

| 13-Week Initiatives 

| Business Restructuring & Turnaround Management

| Performance & Health Improvement

Business Planning & Modeling 

| Performance Marketing & Advertising

| M&A Support & Transaction Advisory 

For a pathway to success and long-term viability, it is crucial for small businesses to be proactive in ensuring financial performance remains robust while aligning the organization around a common vision that can not only be executed effectively but also renewed through innovation and creative thinking.

Fortis Business Advisors' approach is to have an excellent reading of current conditions and challenges, and a time-tested understanding of the cause/effect linkages. This leads to a reliable probabilistic assessment of what comes next: an optimal response to known conditions.

Retail Exit Strategies & 

Inventory Maximization

Retail Promotion & Liquidation Sales

| Guided Self-Liquidation

Store Closing & Location Pare Back Sales

| "Dark" Store Liquidation & Operational Support

| Store Viability Analysis

| Strategic Inventory Assessments

| Performance Marketing & Advertising

Whether owner-operated or "dark" where ownership has surrendered the keys to creditors or professional service advisors seeking recovery, small businesses require unique strategies to improve turnover rates, maximize recovery, or exit the marketplace.

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"Pop-Up" Liquidations

| Inventory Monetization 

Comprehensive Start-Up Execution 

| Operational Development

| Logistical Support

| Website & Social Media Development

| Performance Marketing & Advertising

| E-Commerce & Omnichannel Development

| DIP Lending & Bankruptcy Support

Inventory-driven businesses face periodic challenges caused by changing economic conditions, the online marketplace, difficulty in anticipating consumer demand, or stocking an inefficient amount and mix of merchandise. To maximize recovery on the assets, unonventional monetization strategies can yield

considerable results. 

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