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Fortis Business Advisors is an industry leader specializing in the valuation of retail and wholesale inventory for small businesses and their lenders in both healthy and distressed situations. Our seasoned experts meticulously analyze financial statements and inventory data while also engaging ownership and management with detailed discussions. This results in comprehensive and dependable valuation reports. 

From single to multi-store retailers, eCommerce, and wholesale situations, our services encompass physical inventory counts, site visits, inventory asset appraisals, and valuations for financial institutions. We also provide inventory maximization and management solutions, along with disposition strategies tailored to our client's unique needs. Leveraging our cross-platform proficiency and transparent approach, we not only deliver precise and timely results but also offer strategic solutions to optimize the value of inventory assets.

As recognized specialists in inventory management, we utilize tools and programs that ensure accuracy and efficiency across the entire spectrum of inventory management.

Focal Points

Cash Flow, Asset-Based, and SBA Loan Collateral Valuation

Net Orderly Liquidation Valuation

Collateral Monitoring

Comprehensive and complete 3rd-party Inventory Counts

Bulk Buyout and Acquisition Opinion

Bankruptcy Support

Optimal Inventory Turnover measurement

Optimal Inventory Mix and Volume measurement

Sluggish and Slow-Moving Inventory Identification and Measurement

Comprehensive Projections and Inventory Requirements

Inventory Appraisal and Liquidation Validation

How We Help

Inventory Appraisals & Optimization

Delivering accurate and objective insights on realizable inventory assets.

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