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With our extensive business ownership-level experience across multiple industries and verticals, we know a challenged small business when we see one. Combined with our unique, unbiased understanding of how small businesses function, our unparalleled experience makes us ideal expert witnesses for both plaintiffs and defendants in bankruptcy proceedings.

When the stakes are high, clarity and context are key to arriving at successful resolutions. We cover a comprehensive range of expert witness needs and our independent experts are uniquely suited to share critical insights when it matters most, from providing depositions to testifying in trial.

Focal Points

Inventory Appraisals and Valuations

Financial and Performance Analysis

Small Business Operations

Small Business Financial Advising

Comprehensive Bankruptcy Support

Plaintiffs or Defendents

Chapter 11, Chapter 11 Sub V

How We Help

Expert Witness Services

Expertise to Support a Broad Range of Small Business Challenges

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