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Systemic Effects of the Regulatory Environment

It is no secret that the regulatory environment and capital requirements have limited conventional banks' ability to effectively deploy investment capital.  While the market is flush with capital from more expensive alternative lenders funding mature or growing companies, recent statistics show that over the last eight years the US economy has been short approximately 650,000 businesses due to lack of access to conventional bank funding.  This lack of business creation has not only influenced sluggish economic growth, but, also, an estimated 1.5 million jobs have not been created.  For large financial institutions that manage risk effectively, it can be argued that having a percentage of business borrowers in workout is an indicator of balanced risk.  Because a healthy percentage of those businesses not created over the last eight years would have invariably fallen into special assets, one can also argue that the regulatory environment has had a systemic effect on what Bloomberg recently reported as a draught in turnarounds.

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